ethnocultural hub

The Ethnocultural Hub offers a space for ethnocultural communities may meet up, share ideas, have fun and celebrate! It also offers support and engagement in the Francophone community.

The Hub is also a central point where ethnocultural groups can demonstrate and show the rest of the Francophone and Francophile community their culture and their traditional meals.

The Hub often organizes activities and participates actively in events around London during Black History Month.

Many ethnocultural communities have gathered at the CCFL to play various sports, thanks to our partnership with École secondaire catholique Monseigneur-Bruyère. We are always open to offer a space and the equipment necessary to practice their favourite sport.

To get in contact with the Ethnocultural Hub Coordinator, please call 519-673-1977 x1017. To reach the Ethnocultural Hub Sports and Dance Coordinator , please e-mail