Before and After School

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PD Day


March Break


Summer Camp


L’Escale is a before and after school program offered and managed by the CCFL. It puts into practice the foundational practices illustrated in the Ministry of Education’s pedagogy called ‘‘How Does Learning Happen?’’

The CCFL offers the program in all 6 Francophone elementary schools in London. The children are divided by age group (4 to 6 years and 7 to 12 years) and each group’s daily planning is regulated by the Early Years and Child Care Act. Children in the 7 to 12 years group have the opportunity to do their homework with the educators. The schedules are adapted to each school’s needs.

Please consult the documents below for more information.

During the PD days of the two francophone school boards, the CCFL offers francophone children the opportunity to spend a day in French at the school. Some days are the occasion for educational and recreational trips (Clovermead, East, Park, etc.).

Note that fees are subject to change each day. For more information contact Lorraine Lafond:



The CCFL organizes every year for March Break a day camp for young Francophones! This camp is offered at three different sites in London. More details to come about the locations, dates, and more! Please note that costs are subject to change every year.


Francophone and Francophile kids are invited to spend some (or all!) of their 8 weeks of summer in a Francophone summer camp, organized and run by the CCFL. The camp allows them to have fun, while still maintaining and improving their abilities in French conversation and having fun with kids their age. The kids are always supervised by trained counselors who are competent in their abilities to keep the children safe. When available, you may download the program and registration form below, as well as see a what a typical day might look like.