adjective, often capitalized | fran·co·phone | \ ˈfraŋ-kə-ˌfōn , -kō- \

: of, having, or belonging to a population using French as its first or sometimes second language

Our Mission

As a unifying organisation, the CCFL's role is promote the synergies and engagement of its members and partners in order to respond to the ever-evolving needs of the community, and to ensure its full potential in all aspects of life in French.


The CCFL is a catalyst of the existing forces of the plural Francophone community of London and wants to be the voice of the community.

The CCFL is a Francophone hub bringing together the various Francophone organizations in the region, the Francophone and Francophile community as a whole, without distinction as to race, culture, religion, age, origin or gender.

To do this, the organization ensures:

a) Contribute to the fair and equitable integration of French-speaking people and ensure the vitality of all Francophones regardless of their origin.

b) Promote Francophone culture among youth through activities, programs and services that foster a sense of belonging, create a climate of identity and a commitment to the Francophone community.

c) Raise the awareness of Francophone and Francophile communities in London of activities offered in French and encourage them to participate in them.

OUR values - collaboration, inclusion & respect

The CCFL offers a collaborative, inclusive, and respectful environment to its employees, beneficiaries, and partners.